Not Perfect, BUT DONE!


Thursday, October 10, 2019

Thursday, October 10, 2019
Not Perfect, BUT DONE!

Hello, Everyone!

It ain't perfect, but IT'S DONE! What is it that's imperfect, but done?
It's my book I call KNOWING CHRIST - all 380 pages of it.
Yesterday, I made my final change, uploaded it to my publisher -
and Presto, Kindle and I can say IT'S DONE!

For all practical purposes, it was done when I handed a copy
to our son-in-law, John Shaw, and his companion. Kimbra,
when they passed through Laramie a few days ago.
I am quite sure that John will see no difference between his
almost done copy and the actual done copy;
but I did make a few changes. So, John, check out your
"unfinished copy" with the final copy when you get it;
and I bet you will be hard pressed to see what changed.

And that, I think, is kind of the true story of life.
From Adam to Francis, it has not changed one iota
in what is important. So often we get lost in details that
do not matter in the end. I do believe that is the true tale of Jesus too;
and that is really the tale I am telling in KNOWING CHRIST.
To really "know Christ" is to know that life is good as it is -
from Adam & Eve till now.
Nothing has changed in all of that time;
and when we insist that change must come, we lose sight
of the Miracle that is Life.

I will leave you with a verse from a poem/song that I end
KNOWING CHRIST with. Oh, Oh, there is some of that imperfection
I was talking about. Grammatically, you are not supposed to
end a sentence with a proposition - I mean, preposition.
Did you notice I did so? And did it really matter one iota?
And therein is the tale of how humanity has lost its way
since Christ and beyond. It has chosen to pay attention to
meaningless drivel like "we are unworthy" because someone before us
ate some "bad fruit." How Ridiculous is that?

Before I go, I am awaiting my final "pre-copy" of the
Soon, I will declare that one done too, but it awaits one
final pass through it before I give it my final approval.

I will be giving out copies of both of my final books soon,
but for now, feel welcome to order them via putting my
name in a search bar of Amazon.

And here is that final verse I just promised from a song I call
Song of My Divine Naturism:

As I watch from a window,

I see a cloud go by.

Iā€™m amazed at it all and wonder

how it can all be so fine.

As I ponder about the sun

and its generous sunshine,

I have no doubt in my mind

that all that is ā€“ is Divine.

It is not only life, though, that has

the spark of Divinity.

Even the sand must contain

the wondrous mystery.

For life itself springs from the sand ā€“

as if therein is the seed.

God is present in it all ā€“

just as It is - in you and me.

Bye for now. Be in touch!


Francis William Bessler
& wife, Nancy Shaw